Tattoo Consent Forms

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Document Downloads

You may download and complete the following documents prior to your visit at 727 Tattoo. If you don't complete the forms we will complete them at the time of your visit.
NOTE: You must bring your ID with you at the time of your visit, no ID, no tattoo, period!

Tattoo Waiver and Release Form

This document is required by the Health Department for all tattooing procedures. Please read it carefully and fill in the information as required.
Tattoo - MS Word Format | Tattoo - Adobe PDF Format

Minor Parental Consent Form

The Minor Parental Consent form MUST BE NOTARIZED prior to your visit. The parent or legal guardian giving their consent must be present at the time of the procedure and provide their ID. Please read the document carefully, fill in the required information, and have the document notarized prior to your visit.
Minors - MS Word Format